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We are embodied beings.  From the moment we are born our bodies are essential to our learning, growth and relationships with others. Throughout our lives, our bodies and movements communicate much more clearly than our words. For most of us today, disconnecting from our bodies and movement might feel like the only option available to us. We privilege our thoughts and minds, without being curious about their relationship to the rest of who we are.  Doing this, we end up feeling out of balance with our community, our world, and ourselves. Fully embracing the nowness of our physical body can bring us into present awareness. And in this embodied present awareness, in being fully in our physical body, we can also be fully in all of our bodies – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.


An infused organic herbal blend of Rose, lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, cinnamon bark, lemon balm, coltsfoot, cats claw, wormwood, ginger, orange, angelica, damiana, patchouli, clove, Hawthorn berry, rose hips, frankincense, blue lotus, mugwort, damiana, tulsi and eyebright with crystal and Elemental energies to assist in Embodiment. 

  • How to use

    For centuries, people have been using essential oils, plants, herbs and roots for ritual purposes. A good Intention Oil uses herbs, flowers, and resins known to evoke specific properties. They are hand blended with intention to elicit the powers within them. When working with any type of ritual or intention oil, it is felt that talking to them, telling them what you want them to do, and thanking them for their assistance, personalizes and energizes them to make them more focused on your specific intention.  


    Ritual and Intention Oils can be anointed on the body, on your altar or sacred objects such as talismans or amulets. They can be dabbed on the body, dropped into the heel of your shoe, anointed on divination and altar tools, applied on business cards or important documents or simply anointed on your favorite jewelry. Dab some on your hand prior to meeting new people or simply apply some oil to an object or place where your target may come into contact with it. Place a few drops in your shampoo or lotion or simply burn some in a diffuser in the middle of your home. Add a drop or two to a burning charcoal. Really the sky is the limit on their placement and I always encourage people to get creative.


  • Legal Disclaimer

    By law we must state that all products on this website are sold as metaphysical curio items, for EXTERNAL use only and for entertainment purposes only. No health or medical claims are being made at all, no claims of any are made regarding these products. The purchaser assumes all risk and liabilities in the use or misuse of these products. Any information you receive from any or all communication, consultations and spiritual work with Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy is for spiritual, educational, and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any legal, medical, financial, traditional psychological, or any other professional advice. The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless an absolutely indemnify, Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy business and website, from any and all liabilities and expense. When you complete your purchase, you the buyer, are claiming that you have read, accepted, and fully understand the terms of this agreement. The products and services being sold “as is” without warranty or guarantee of any kind. With that being said, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of positive action, and power of positive thinking and that more than anything.


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