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Let the Beauty of what you love be what you do - Rumi

A born Intuitive, I started my spiritual journey at a young age. My never ending thirst for knowledge and passion for wanting to help people has brought me to where I am today.

I now have well over a decade of professional experience as an LMT/Bodywork Professional, Psychic Intuitive, Energy Reader, Herbal Alchemist and Weaver Witch, Reiki Master Teacher with extensive training in multiple energy and sound healing modalities and Certified Spiritual and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Coach specializing in Grief, Shadow Work Integration and Inner Child Healing.

I am here to let you know, that you are not alone, because I have walked this path. I am here to help you understand and navigate through the process of transitioning into your most authentic beautiful self.  I am here to give you the tools, because I have worked hard to find them, cultivate and create them. You are hearing the call, you are Awakening.... and I'm here for you, because I AM you. 

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