What People Are Saying

 I started to see Nicole in the lockdown of 2020, when I was faced with the reality of all the choices I made that created a life and personhood I was not happy or satisfied with. Through our work together, I have been scrambled and rearranged physiologically, spiritually, neurologically, emotionally, and energetically. This is the work. The real work. The difficult and hard to face work. And this is how you achieve results. Prepare yourself: she will see through you and love you despite your best efforts to protect yourself. She pulls you outside of yourself as a necessity for change, growth, and transformation. And more often than not, it is uncomfortable, frustrating, eye opening and ultimately satisfying. She will help you see who you truly are, even when you thought you hid it so well, even from yourself.  Therein lies the beauty, the love, the truth. These are agents of everlasting change. And through this love, you will see the endless possibilities of your True Self. You will know what it means to find self love. You will know how it feels to accomplish your goals. You will know how to hold yourself in high regard and you will know how to value yourself in a way you never thought possible. These are the pathways to transformation. And Nicole will be your conduit. Be open and trust her training and experience and you will see your life and self metamorphosize.

Kailen H.

It's amazing how sometimes people, places and things come into our lives and the timing is just perfect and the smallest things end up inspiring such big changes.

For me it all started with a face oil from Nicole that opened up to so much more! Nicole has been someone I can go to for honest guidance, just one conversation with her connected so many dots for me to move forward on my current path and things have been more clear and comfortable to navigate and grow through. Most importantly to me is her humble nature when it comes to her work, Nicole does not claim /pretend to be something she is not or just tell you what you want to hear, everything she says, everything she does, truly comes from a pure honest place. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Nicole C.

My readings with Nicole are always beyond accurate. My first reading was months ago and was so healing and awakening at the same time. My first reading came to fruition within a week; this has never happened before and I'm still in awe. Not only does she give readings but she is knowledgeable and I was able to connect with her as a spiritual guide/mentor. She senses your natural and raw energy. I tend to hide my vulnerability, but things I'd avoid, she would know through energy alone.

Kaylee B.