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Legal Disclaimer

Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy offers holistic therapies (Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Multi-Modality Energy and Sound Healing, Wellness coaching), all of which are intended to promote health and wellness, enhance relaxation, reduce pain, become relaxed and more comfortable with your own thoughts, become more aware of the self within the body, letting go of tensions and apprehensions caused by stress, emotional barriers and physical /mental illnesses and offer a positive experience utilizing the concept of mind, body, and soul in treatment intervention. Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy only works within the capacity of her scope of practice and will not be held liable for discrepancies. While Energywork, Somatic Therapies and Coaching can work with issues such as identifying and reaching life goals, working through grief and trauma and changing the behaviors that aren’t working well for you, it will not address psychological issues. For issues such as these, seek the medical attention from a Physician or Licensed Mental Health Professional in your area. 

Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy is a trained and multi certified Wellness Practitioner and is not a chiropractic doctor, registered nurse, registered dietitian, nor a medical doctor. Holistic therapy interventions are not a substitute for medical treatment or medications.

Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy neither claims nor implies that any instruction, advice, counsel, suggestions, recommendations, services or products she or her representatives provide, whether in person, by mail, by telephone, or by internet, will cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate any disease condition.

By law we must state that all products on this website are sold as metaphysical curio items, for EXTERNAL use only and for entertainment purposes only. No health or medical claims are being made at all, no claims of any are made regarding these products. The purchaser assumes all risk and liabilities in the use or misuse of these products. Any information you receive from any or all communication, consultations and spiritual work with Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy is for spiritual, educational, and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any legal, medical, financial, traditional psychological, or any other professional advice. The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless an absolutely indemnify, Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy business and website, from any and all liabilities and expense. When you complete your purchase, you the buyer, are claiming that you have read, accepted, and fully understand the terms of this agreement. The products and services being sold “as is” without warranty or guarantee of any kind. With that being said, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of positive action, and power of positive thinking and that more than anything.

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