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Although money occupies such a central place in our lives, many of us understand little of its spiritual operation. It’s no wonder that we often have problems with finances in one form or another. With all that is going on in the world, expressing the spiritual dimensions of prosperity is more essential than ever.


There are many things that come into play to build prosperity. From the perspective of the auric field, you need to build the energy of prosperity in your aura first for it to manifest in your life.


Creating and managing prosperity is one of life’s greatest achievements. Money is a form of energy. It represents your earth power. And by mastering the art of your earth power, it shows your capacity to handle greater divine powers.


Prosperity is the means through which you achieve your spiritual purpose.

However, it depends on how much capacity you have. Natural manifesting is a spiritual science and art, creating powerful life change. It requires energy as well as thought, stillness and action - soul as well as in mind.


Meditation is a master key to building this power of prosperity. Through meditation, you can draw in the energies to help initiate the expression of those qualities in your life. When we commit to our internal experience of love, we begin to attract more love. If you want more joy - give more joy. If you want more abundance and success - then develop a mindset of abundance. Trust the energetic flow of money - that which you give generously will come back to you generously.


Prosperi-Tea is a perfect tool for settling into mediation. It is a blend of Chamomile, Rose, Tulsi, Calendula, Dried Ginger Root, Cinnamon bark, Dried Orange Peel, Clove and Nutmeg,

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