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New oil alert - Sanctuary!


The concept of sanctuary is integral to human nature—gathering in safe spaces, building spiritual havens, and discovering who we are beyond our mundane daily life.


A sanctuary is steeped in intention, reverence, and peace. It is often a physical place of refuge where the imprints of truce exist. But we can also cultivate that feeling of Sanctuary within ourselves.


The frequency of your personal sanctuary expands when you become ready, willing, and open to wholeheartedly receive the present moment. We generate beautiful spaces, gather our spiritual tools and practices, and follow our beloved faiths when we access the energy that comes from within.... it is unconditionally accepting and aware of the grace that surrounds us.

Sanctuary oil is a means to take a moment to honor that inner space within you every day. To do something small for yourself with loving intention.... to take time to connect to the self. 


This 4oz body oil is a blend of three of my other oils that I've ended up always running out of because I myself put them all over after the shower.... Nurture, Embody and my face oil, Nourish.  On top of being chock full of ingredients made to Nourish healthy skin, this oil feels like a warm hug.


For those that don't know these oils - Nurture is is ALL about self love, compassion, PASSION, sensuality, personal power, creativity and strength, and how we  can nurture those things within ourselves.

Embody helps to align your energy centers as well as to calm your nervous system, quiet your monkey mind and help you feel into the spaces in your concious body. 

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